Come, life, and welcome... Juliana wills it so.

Hello, God, it's me, Margareth.
Oops... there's something wrong with this picture.

Hello, flist, it's me again, bringing you the woes of my life to amuse your day.

So I guess I'm gonna start with me new job.
I started on Monday, and it's something really different from anything I've ever done before. It's a relatively small company, and I'm working in the lab with product development. The goal is for me to adapt, deploy and monitor a new project management framework within the company. It's all sorts of exciting, but it's pretty slow going, seeing as I don't even have a computer yet. I'm using my iPhone for everything.

Then, there are the practical aspects that came with the job: I start work at 8, which means I now wake up at 5:30 am everyday so I can be at the gym by 6 / 6:15. I get my exercise done early so I can enjoy my evenings.

Talking about my evenings, this week's been amazingly busy. But to explain all about it, I'm gonna need to include an entire section about my personal life. Including my plans to immigrate to Quebec. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

You all remember B, right? Well, normally, I talk to him every once in a while over GoogleTalk, and see him sometimes in the weekends, if neither of us has other plans. Well, after the Saturday before Although I don't regret coming back at all, I miss Paris sometimes. I need to visit it more often. :), when I showed up at his doorstep at 2am, and spent the night, we talked mostly everyday on GTalk, but he was going out of state on Friday morning to visit family over the weekend, and I wasn't expecting to hear from him at all. Well, i was happily mistaken. He stopped by and left me messages on Gtalk twice, none of which I answered, cause I had family visitors of my own. Well, I guess yours truly is missable, because he sent me a bunch of text messages on Monday, and he actually called me. I don't think he ever has before. For no reason. He eventually invited me to come over, but I said I couldn't. We talked for over 20 minutes before I said I had to hang up.

Yesterday, we met at a university campus to watch a lecture from the Quebecois government about the immigrate to Quebec campaign. Which, by the way, I'm totally excited about. Prepare, my canadian flist, for my arrival in the next 5 years or so.

After the lecture, we stopped for japanese for dinner, and he wouldn't allow me to pay. He kissed me when I dropped him off, and we made out for a bit in the car, but I didn't go in since I had to wake up early.

Tonight, he invited me to go to the movied with his cousin and her fiance. I swear, this sounds more and more like a double date every moment.

Tomorrow is his birthday, and since he's having a celebration in a bar, the plans to surprise him in nothing but lingerie and a trench coat became a no-go, but I need to decide whether I'm giving him perfume I bought for him in Paris (he always smells so good, I swear I wanna jump him from the smell alone) or these really old Chico Buarque LP albums (he moves Chico Buarque, and recently bought a 1900 and nothing player). He said to give him the one he'd remember me the most by, but really, I can't decide.

For Friday there are no plans, but the week is young.

I don't know what I'm doing, but it feels good. It's like a whole new life, where I have a job, a medium term goal, and someone who wants to spend time with me. I feel great, I look really good, I get plenty of exercise and it seems like nothing is impossible.

Welcome, life, I've been waiting for you for a long time.